New Country Singer Retta Stone

New Country Singer
Retta Stone

This is the story of an independent artist… a new country singer and pop recording artist. When I was young, I would sing every chance that I could.

Simply click on Songs About You or From a Pebble to a Stone at the top of the page to hear my music or you can also scroll down the page. On each music page you can click on the album cover to play the entire album, or click individually on the list to listen to any specific song.

There is a huge catalog of music from performing over the many years in different circuits and at different times in my life. Why not share them with the world? Perhaps some of the stories, too.

Those who know me are laughing now, as they realize I am very rarely looking for something to do. Life is its very own roller coaster ride, but this is what I love, so hear we go!

I love creative feedback, so listen to the songs, and let me know which ones you think will be the best for our next project.

We’re working on our next album Paradigm. Paradigm means a different perspective which perfectly describes what I’m experiencing right now. And we’ll soon be adding a page where you can vote for the songs you want to hear on Paradigm.

Please enjoy all this site has to offer, and check back often as I will add new music every chance I get! In my spare time, that is...



Songs About You

by Retta Stone

Songs About You © 2006 Retta Stone, All Rights Reserved.

This took several years to create, and about 3 months in the studio. There are so many fun stories about recording this album and song selection that it could take several pages. It all began while going through a breakup, so the music is definitely inspired and sometimes poignant.

The funny thing about it, is that looking back at it now, I don’t feel the same as when it was recorded, but can definitely appreciate the ensuing catharsis necessary at that moment in my life. Now on the other side, I so appreciate where I am now, and give thanks for the energy to create such powerful vocal performances and the good fortune not to be in that place anymore.

In the studio, while recording the song Not Ready to Make Nice, the producers felt there needed to be more emotion, and my hubby kept pestering me to get madder. It is one of the more difficult songs to sing, so after about the fifth consecutive attempt, patience was beginning to wear thin as were my vocal chords. He poked at me until I was really agitated, and then told the producers to record one more run. Well, the “told you so’s” have been coming ever since, because, yes, it made the album.

Take a listen, and be sure to let me know your faves.


From a Pebble to a Stone

by Retta Stone

© 1999 Retta Stone, All Rights Reserved.


This was my first official release, however I did have a demo entitled Enough About Me, released in 1991.

I would make them individually as they would be requested and was thrilled to distribute them freely. Someday sure to be a collector’s item :), the cover photo is actually a compilation of two different photos. The young one is of me around three years old I would guess and I’m sitting on my father’s lap. The other is of my girlfriend and me and both her and Daddy-O ended up on the cutting room floor… electronically that is. Both photos were taken in photo booths albeit 30 years apart. Pops and my girlfriend were both a little miffed at the time, but they soon forgave me and now it’s a story they both tell. Take a listen and let me know what you think of my freshman effort.